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Meet the Salty Dogs! – Stasia


Hi, I’m Stasia. My mom owns Salty Dog which means I get to serve as Dog Ambassador, a job I love because I get to meet new dogs and people everyday! I love taking naps in the sun and following my nose, which usually leads me to yummy things I’m not supposed to eat. I was rescued from a shelter in Colorado when I was just a puppy, and I grew up playing in the snow in the winter and hiking in the mountains in the summer. Since making my way with my owners out to California just a couple of years ago, I’ve discovered that I love the ocean! Now I walk everyday with my pack, and I’m proud to say I’ve never been healthier or happier.

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Welcome to the Salty Dog Blog!


Hello, everybody! We’re so excited to be blogging! Stick around for lots of doggy-rific posts! Share on Facebook

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