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Meet The Salty Dogs! – Tucker


Meet Tucker, a Boston Terrier with energy to spare. Tucker loves to be outside taking long hikes, but he is just as happy snuggled up on the couch. Last year he traded in his snow boots for bare feet at … Read more

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Dogs Are Amazing


I stumbled across this story about Roosavelt, a border collie born with deformed front legs who uses a specially designed wheelchair to get around. His wheelchair supports his front legs and he’s even able to take it off-road! His owner, … Read more

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Dogs In Cars


This wonderful video made me smile! The dogs in the video remind me of all the pups we drive around each day. I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog who doesn’t like to stick their head out the window … Read more

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Meet The Salty Dogs! – Bosley


Meet Bosley, a Basset Hound with big ears and an even bigger personality. He’s never met a person he didn’t love, especially if that person is willing to give him some belly scratches and let him crawl up in their … Read more

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