• 1

    It helps maintain your dog’s physical health – Regular exercise helps to keep your dog’s muscles and cardiovascular system strong. It strengthens bones and joints, and it helps keep your pup at their ideal weight.

  • 2

    It helps maintain your dog’s mental health – No human wants to sit inside all day doing nothing, and neither does your dog. It’s mentally stimulating for your pup to interact with nature, other dogs and people. Spending a walk smelling, exploring, playing, barking and listening challenges your dog and keeps their mind sharp!

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    It gives your dog the chance to go to the bathroom… outside of your home – Even adult dogs can have trouble waiting for long periods between potty breaks. A walk while you’re away gives your dog the chance to relieve themselves outside – instead of on your expensive carpet.

  • 4

    Your dog will sleep better – which means YOU will sleep better. Dogs who spend their days sleeping and lying around are more likely to spend their nights awake and active. An exciting walk in the middle of the day ensures your dog is worn-out (just like you) when it’s time for bed.

  • 5

    It is an opportunity for your dog to socialize – While most people make an effort to socialize their puppies, many don’t realize that socialization is a life-long affair. A regular walk is a chance for your dog to interact with new people and new dogs and an opportunity for reinforcing social skills.

  • 6

    It can help reduce behavioural problems – Barking, digging, and destructive chewing can all occur as a result of boredom. Giving your dog a break in the middle of the day and an outlet for their excess energy can help curb these destructive behaviors.

  • 7

    It will help your dog live longer – Just like humans, when a dog stays fit and healthy it can help increase the length and quality of their life. Regular exercise helps maintain bone density, joint and muscle strength and a healthy weight, all important parts of helping your dog live a full, long life.

  • 8

    We reinforce your basic training – Although Salty Dog is not designed to train your dog, we do use positive reinforcement and healthy treats to work on basic walking, heeling, and obiedience skills that are important in a “pack” setting.

  • 9

    Because it’s fun! – Dogs LOVE walks! We can’t even say W-A-L-K or grab a leash without our own dogs jumping for joy, and we see that same pure, heart-felt excitement in the eyes of every Salty Dog we pick up on our daily routes around the South Bay.

  • 10

    It’s super easy – We know how difficult if can be to work hard during the day only to rush home to make dinner, work out, run errands, etc… It doesn’t leave a lot of extra time to make sure the dog gets a walk. We take care of the walk, meaning you have one less thing to worry about everyday.